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Bachelor in Social Sciences and Sport Sciences

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Social Sciences and Sport Sciences
Social sciences and sport sciences provide students with the basic tools needed to understand the role of sport in society, and the role of society in sport; they also provide reflections on the concepts and consequences of sport.

Children and adolescents are important target groups for sport, and sport is something that leads to both social inclusion and exclusion. Gender, social class, ethnicity, age and disability are all examples of the social mechanisms that help to create the different conditions and consequences of sport at the levels of individual, group and society.

Academic profile
Social sciences and sport sciences focuses on physical activity and skills from the perspective of individual, group and society. This includes organized sport as well as other sports, top-level sport and recreational sports. Social sciences and sports sciences is an interdisciplinary study with a solid basis in theoretical and methodological approaches to sport, combined with a practical approach to the subject matter. The course has a social science profile, at the same time as giving fundamental knowledge about integrating alternative perspectives on the body, physical activities and skills.

One of the main issues for this programme is the rationale of recreational sport and top-level sport in view of the overarching concerns of sport. Students gain knowledge regarding characteristics of modern sport with a focus on organization, consumerism, commercialization and differentiation in a globalized world.

Programme structure
A bachelor's degree requires three years of studies and the students are offered a possibility to combine different courses. For detailed information about the courses and information regarding language of instruction, please consult the course list. Please note that most of the courses are held in Norwegian.

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