Bachelor’s degree programme, 3 years


– About the programme

PhotoInformation technology deals with the planning, development, improvement, evaluation and use of programs and computer systems.

This is a 3 years Bachelor's degree programme in information technology. After 3 years the students may embark on their working life or apply for the 2 years Master's programme in Informatics.

This is a programme for Scandinavian-speaking students. More information is available at the Norwegian website.


About the Programme

The programme focuses on:

  • how your computer works – hardware, operating system, networks
  • how to develop your own programs – modelling and programming
  • how to store, process and present text, images and sound – databases, searching, graphics and visualizing
  • the Internet and networks – searching, web system development and information security
  • how to use this technology in other disciplines – e.g. bioinformatics, teaching, mathematics, etc
  • how to use computer technology to solve complex problems – algorithms, intelligent systems, mathematical calculations
  • how to simplify the users' everyday life – user interface design, user cooperation, communication and cooperation support

Master's Degree Programme

The Bachelor's degree qualifies you for applying for admission to the 2 years Master's programme in Informatics

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