BSc programme, 3 years


– About the study programme

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

Information technology deals with the planning, development, improvement, evaluation and use of programs and computer systems. The Bachelor's degree programme in information technology has a duration of 3 years and provides the students with an excellent education. On completion of the programme, students may choose to embark on their working life or continue with the 2-year long Master's programme.

The information technology programme focuses on:

  • how your computer works – hardware, operating system, networks
  • how to develop your own programs – modelling and programming
  • how to store, process and present text, images and sound – databases, searching, graphics and visualizing
  • the Internet and networks – searching, web system development and information security
  • how to use this technology in other disciplines – e.g. bioinformatics, teaching, mathematics, etc
  • how to use computer technology to solve complex problems – algorithms, intelligent systems, mathematical calculations
  • how to simplify the users' everyday life – user interface design, user cooperation, communication and cooperation support

Master's Degree Programme

A Bachelor's degree in information technology qualifies students for admission to the Master's degree programme in information technology. For the time being, the programme offers four areas of specialization:

  • System work and human-machine interaction
  • Data and information resource management
  • Artificial intelligence and learning
  • Complex computer systems

This bachelor programme is meant for Scandinavian-speaking students. For further information, please see the Norwegian website .