Bachelor's degree programme 3 years

Mathematical Sciences

– Study environment

Study environment

Trondheim has a reputation as having Norway's best environment for both academic and extracurricular activities, so you have a great deal to look forward to.


If you come straight from secondary school, you will discover that university life is different in many ways. Here, you will have greater freedom, and the further you progress in your studies, the more freedom you get. There is no longer anyone to check that you arrive on time, or how much work you do on your subjects. But this does not mean that we do not care. You will get help along the way.

Lectures are the most common form of teaching. We also have many practice groups, where students work together and receive help from older students. Most subjects include compulsory coursework during the first years - that is, assignments that you must hand in and that must be approved before you can take an examination.

The university campus offers a number of places where you can sit and study. You will also have good access to computers, which are connected to one of the fastest networks in Norway.

Student life

Trondheim is a city of just the right size, offering a wealth of possibilities for leisure activities. NTNUI, our own athletic association, has groups in a wide range of sports. Some members exercise for fun and fitness, while others are professionals in their field. At Studentersamfundet, the Students' Association, you can take part in a variety of cultural activities ranging from singing and theatre to radio and TV. Trondheim also offers a rich social life, with many cafés, restaurants, discos, cinemas, and concert halls.

"Linjeforening" (academic and social student organization)

Mathematics has its own student society shared with and run by students from the Physics Department, which is called Delta. At the beginning of the autumn semester, Delta has a kickoff programme to help new students. Don't miss the excursions, guided tours, parties, pub crawls and other fun happenings that take place at this time. The friends you make during this mentoring programme often remain friends for the rest of your university career.

Delta also organizes a traditional skiing trip to Åre in Sweden at the beginning of January every year. Hundreds of NTNU people gather here to hit the slopes and have fun. Delta also has its own meeting place at Moholt studentby (student village), where the organization arranges regular social gatherings. These organizations are an important part of the rewarding student environment at NTNU.


UKA, Norway's largest cultural festival, was held for the first time in 1917. Since then, this festival with its rich tradition has taken place every second year, except for during the war years of 1941 and 1943. UKA has grown from a small festival with its revue as the only scheduled event to a festival with a wide range of attractions for a multi-faceted public. But the revue remains the heart of UKA.

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