Programme of Professional Study


Do you find people exciting? Being a doctor and studying medicine involves people to a great extent.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How healthy human beings work?
  • Which mechanisms make us ill?
  • Why and how treatment works?
  • How to communicate with sick people?

In order to become a doctor, you need to know the body down to the smallest cell. You have to develop the ability to update yourself continuously within a rapidly developing knowledge field. Medical research results in new and exciting treatment methods, and we constantly gain new knowledge about disease processes.

The medical study in Trondheim is of 6 years duration and leads to an MB degree. To obtain authorization as a doctor you will have to work an additional 18 months as a house officer. Then you may specialize for instance as a surgeon.

Research and Technology

NTNU emphasizes research and technology, and the medical study at NTNU offers a separate research programme within medical technology. There is separate admission to the research programme, and students may apply after two years on the medical programme. The research programme also leads to the medical profession, but with additional research qualifications.

Learning Objectives

Over 6 years, the medical study educates the students to a level of qualification which enables them to function as house officers at hospitals. This type of medical qualification is comprehensive and covers knowledge and skills as well as attitudes. It is the Faculty's responsibility to design a programme that will take the students to this goal during the stipulated period of study. A necessary part of the process is to let the students know how they are doing from time to time in relation to the drawn path and whether they are able to follow the expected ascent in qualifications towards the goal. This is the purpose of the exams, while the learning objectives aim to guide the students in advance as to what they are expected to know for the exam.

The less formalized the teaching and the more freedom the students have to shape their own studies, the greater the need for explicitly expressed learning objectives, where the students may read about the requirements they are expected to meet at different stages of their programme. For this reason, learning objectives for all semesters are included in the study handbook, following the descriptions of the individual semesters.


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