Free movers

You may apply to study at NTNU for a maximum of one academic year as a free mover if;

  • Your home university has an exchange agreement with NTNU, but you have not been nominated as an exchange student, or;
  • Your home university does not have a formal exchange agreement with NTNU

Admission requirements

  • Students applying as free movers must have the necessary background and prerequisites for the courses they wish to follow
  • Students must add a confirmation from their home institution that their planned stay at NTNU is a part of their degree programme 
  • Fufil all of NTNU's other admission requirements for exchange students

Spring semester admission

  • NTNU mainly accepts free movers in the spring semester. It is strongly recommend that you apply to come in the spring semester, as very few free movers will be granted admission in the autumn semester.
  • Free movers that are not from one of NTNU's partner institutions will not be considered for student housing in the autumn semester.
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