Admission requirements under the quota scheme

For admission under the Quota Scheme, NTNU will only consider candidates attached to one of NTNU’s collaboration institutions for admission under to our international master’s programmes. Applicants will be asked to indicate that they belong to at least one of the following categories in the electronic preliminary application database to be able to proceed with their application for Quota Scheme support:

a)      Permanently employed at one of NTNU’s collaboration institutions.

b)      Temporarily employed at one of NTNU’s collaboration institutions.

c)      Presently studying at one of NTNU’s collaboration institutions.

d)      Graduates with a first degree from one of NTNU’s collaboration institutions.

Applicants belonging to the categories a), b), or c) will be given the highest priority in admission under the Quota Scheme.

Students must apply directly from their home country and must have stayed at least one year in their home country directly prior to the planned course of study at the Norwegian university/university college. 

One general requirement for admission to NTNU’s international master’s programmes, is that the applicants must have completed a minimum of 3 years of recognised university studies. Admission to NTNU’s international master’s programmes is highly competitive, and the university gives admissions priority to applicants who have completed their first degree in a relevant academic area, and who have obtained an average grade of First Class Division or Second Class Division. The programmes can be divided into two broad categories, the MSc Programmes in Engineering/ Architecture/ Natural Sciences and Medicine, and the MPhil/ MSc Programmes in Arts/ Social Sciences.


Quota scheme contact
Anette Moen
Higher Executive Officer
Office of International Relations NTNU