Quota Scheme

Admission and Financing

Admission requirements

For admission under the Quota Scheme, NTNU will only consider candidates attached to one of NTNU's formal cooperation agreements. Applicants will be asked to indicate that they belong to at least one of the following categories in the electronic application:

  1. Permanently employed at one of NTNU's collaborating institutions
  2. Temporary employed at one of NTNU's collaborating institutions
  3. Presently studying at one of NTNU's collaborating institutions
  4. Graduates with a first degree from one of NTNU's collaborating institutions


The Quota Scheme covers living expenses while you study in Norway, travel allowances and support to cover field work. The funding is given partly as a loan and partly as a grant by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. After completing the programme and returning to your home country (and permanently settling there) the loan is converted to a scholarship. If you take up residence in Norway, the scholarship is converted back to a loan and must be repaid.

Travelling expenses for entry into Norway may be reimbursed (fixed price). Students may also apply for one annual home visit if the educational programme lasts more than a year, as well as financial support for travelling expenses for field work during the course of study. When the student returns home within 3 months after finishing the course, the cost of travelling home (fixed price) is covered.


Quota scheme contact
Anette Moen
Higher Executive Officer
Office of International Relations NTNU
E-mail: anette.moen@ntnu.no