Student Housing at Tyholt

Tyholt Student Housing is an old nursing home within walking distance from campus Gløshaugen and Tyholt (NTNU). Approximately 56 exchange students from Europe, staying for the fall semester, will be living at Tyholt. (It will not be open during the spring semester). The students given such an offer will be contacted by e-mail in June/July.

Common room at Tyholt student village

There is a bus stop close to the complex with bus connections to campus Dragvoll and the city center. Visit AtB's website to read more about the bus routes in Trondheim.

The adress is Persaunvegen 63, 7046 Trondheim.

Two students will share a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. All rooms will be furnished with beds and closets. The rooms have been equipped to suit the demands for student housing.

You will have access to a kitchen shared with the other students. The kitchen will be equipped with the necessary articles and equipment for preparing basic meals, but if you have special wishes for more advanced equipment, you should bring or buy this yourself. You will also have access to common areas such as study room and living rooms - this will also be shared with the other students at Tyholt. Laundry facilities are available at Moholt Student Village. There will be a wireless internet connection. This will be free of charge.

If you arrive in Trondheim before it opens, you will have to find another place to live in the meantime, for example "Roof over your head".

When staying at Tyholt Student Village you will be required to follow certain rules regarding cleaning, noise level and so on. These rules will be communicated to the residents when moving in.