Step-by-Step Survival Guide

After arrival in Trondheim.

Make a list of your courses

Make a list of the course codes for courses you listed on your application and which you were approved for.

For example:
TDT4230 Visualization
POL1003 Environmental Politics

  • EU/EEA exchange students who do not remember which courses they registered for may check their original application online . See the link on the the bottom of the page with the heading STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION.
  • Exchange students/free-movers from outside the EU/EEA who do not remember which courses they registered for should contact the Office of International Relations . (Please check the information that has been sent to you first.)
  • If you want to take a course for which you were not previously approved there are two ways to obtain approval. The way you do it depends on whether or not the course is restricted admission or open admission.

    Restricted admission
    Contact the department/faculty for approval and have them sign the restricted course approval form.

    You will find a link to the overview over restricted admission courses on the right hand side called "Oversikt over adgangsbegrensede emner". Unfortunately this list is only available in Norwegian, but the course numbers are easy to understand.

    Open admission
    Check to see that you have the prerequisites (academic background) for the course(s) you would like to add to your program and then register for the course using STUDWEB.

Course information:

  • The online catalog provides an English description of the courses offered at NTNU. Check the box "Show only courses offered in English".

Find when and where the course is

Timetables are listed under each course at the timetable tab:

You can search for the auditorium/building/room number here.

Check exam dates and identify potential conflicts

  • Make sure you do not have more than one exam on any given day
  • Exam dates can be found under course search

Register using Studweb

Questions? Who to ask:

Which courses did I register for?

  • Check online or ask the Office of International Relations

I selected this course, but would like to take another and I know exactly which one. Can I?

  • Ask an academic advisor.  Bring your transcript with you!

I selected this course and it isn't being offered (or I decided I don't want to take it). What can I take?

  • Check the online catalog
  • If you need some advice on what to take, ask an academic advisor.

Still uncertain who to ask?

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