MSc programme, 2 years

Computer Science

– About the programme

This is a programme for Scandinavian-speaking students. More information is available at the Norwegian website.

Computer science is not only about excellent computer skills – it also deals with contributing to the social development. How can we improve existing systems? What could be useful in the future?

With computer engineering skills you can create computer systems which people need, want, or not yet know that they need.

More than Computers

Information Technology (IT) is the most complex technology created by humans. In order to become an IT expert, you need to understand the entire spectrum ranging from basic mathematics and tiny technical details, to human and societal needs. When learning all this, you can count on a lot of hard work.

There is no need to worry, though. NTNU educates more advanced computer engineers than all the remaining educational institutions in Norway combined. With the aid of skillful lecturers, cooperation in small groups and assistance from older students you will complete your degree in computer engineering.

A Practical Study

During the course of your study, you will partake in several projects, often conducted in groups. The aim is to provide you with a realistic glimpse of your future career and let you put theories into practice. In the course Customer Driven Project you will meet enterprises as employers with real problems that need to be solved. This part is unique for the computer engineering programme at NTNU.

We also offer an international master's programme: MSc in Information Systems.

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