Signal Processing in Medical Applications

This profile emphasizes signal processing in medical diagnostics. One example is ultrasound (sound with frequencies above the audible range) being used to ‘look’ inside our bodies. Signal processing is used to produce and process the detected ultrasound images. By choosing the profile Signal Processing in Medicine you will achieve extensive competence within signal processing with specialization within medical and medical-technical fields.


The table gives an overview of courses included in the mail profile Signal Processing in Medical Applications. For more information regarding the classes that are included in each field of concentration, please refer to the “Study Handbook” (Norwegian only).

Study Year 2007/2008:

2. Year Spring Master Thesis
Autumn Elective engineer course Information Theory, Coding and Compression Specialization Course Specialization Project
1. Year Spring Communications Multimedia Signal Processing Signal Processing in Medical Imaging Elective course
Autumn Digital Signal Processing Marine Acoustics Elective course Elective course

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