MSc programme, 2 years

Electronics System Design and Innovation

– Job Prospects

During the study of electronics, you will obtain a broad qualification in the fields of electronics and information- and communication technology (ICT). You can get exciting job opportunities in large and small technology companies within product development, research, leadership, sale and marketing both in Norway and abroad.

You are qualified for teaching and researching at the universities and research institutes, or working within consultancy and consulting engineering.

Some job opportunities:

  • Radio electronics for use in communication, radar, remote measurements, localization and navigation
  • Mobile- and satellite communication systems
  • Medical technology based on ultrasonic- and laser technology
  • Radar equipment for military and civil surveillance- and navigation purpose
  • Ultrasound in medical diagnostics, seismology, sonar, echo sounder, noise and vibrations
  • Remedies for handicapped and new telecommunication service based on human-machine communication
  • Space Technology
  • Fiber-optical telecommunications
  • Measuring instruments and measuring technique
  • Internet applications
  • Micro Controllers and Micro Processors
  • Large scale integrated circuits for different applications
  • Development of micro sensors and other Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Digital communication in wireless and wire networks
  • Multimedia signal- and image processing damping of noise-pollution, audio technology, music technology