MSc Programme, 2 years


– About the study programme

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

When choosing the Master's degree programme in mathematics, you need to choose a field of specialization. We offer the following programme options:

  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Topology

The Master's programme lasts for 2 years, which equals 120 ECTS credits of which 60 are reserved for the Master's thesis. A Master's degree in mathematics can be further strengthened by taking one year of practical pedagogic education (PPU) to obtain teacher qualification for upper secondary school (see PPU). It is also possible to follow the teacher education programme with a Master's degree in mathematics (see LUR).

Each programme option requires an academic foundation which usually amounts to four courses, each of 7.5 ECTS credits. The academic presumptions for the different options are defined below. It is possible to take one or several of these courses as part of a Bachelor's degree in order to obtain a gradual transition and earlier academic development from the Bachelor's to the Master's degree. As a Master's degree in mathematics should be comprehensive, at least three courses each of 7.5 ECTS credits shall be chosen outside the main degree profile. Courses outside the Department's subject offers may be part of the programme if approved by the Department.

This programme is meant for Scandinavian-speaking students. For further information, please see the Norwegian webside .

We also offer an international master's programme, MSc in Mathematics, .