MSc Programme, 2 years

Applied and Engineering Mathematics

– About the study programme

The Master's Programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics (120 ECTS) gives you the knowledge to apply mathematics and problem solving in a wide range of fields. Study at two universities, graduate with a double degree, and gain all-round mathematical skills.

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Applied and Engineering Mathematics is a two year Nordic Five Tech master's programme.

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The central subjects in the Applied and Engineering Mathematics programme are the theories of ordinary and partial differential equations, numerical methods for differential equations, probability and statistics, numerical linear algebra, optimization and discrete mathematics. The focal point is learning to turn the engineering and applied science problems into mathematical questions, and looking for the solutions. Moreover, the programme brings students to a Nordic Five Tech environment, which gives the chance to study at two universities in the Nordic region.

Since this is a N5T programme, students study at two of the five Nordic partner universities: Aalto University School of Science in Finland, The Technical University of Denmark, The KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

During the first year, instruction consists of theoretical courses that prepare students for specialization in the second year. These studies include individual project works. After the first academic year, a common summer school is organized for all students in the programme.

The language of instruction is English. Upon graduation, students will receive a degree from each of the two universities in which they spent a part of their study receiving a double degree.