Example of Thesis Topics

International NGOs in development and poverty reduction through micro finance: Aspects from the Dangme East District of Ghana

Multinationals and corporate social responsibility in developing countries: The role of multinational mining companies in community development of host communities in Ghana

The response to the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake from the Chinese government and society - How the response points to the evaluation and problems in China's reform era

Interstate migration and labour regulation in India- A globalized world in miniature

Spain on fire! Economic crisis, public opinion and public policies towards immigration in Spain

What explains the intensity of Naxalite violence in India? An empirical analysis across Indian states from 1997 - 2007.

The potential contributions of local culture and traditional institutions to minimize corruption in the era of globalization: The case of ICBOs in southern Ethiopia

Collaboration and knowledge sharing in global virtual terms: A case study of Statoil's heavy oil water management team in Norway and Canada

Global production systems, labour and the right to work: A case study of Meadows flower PLC in western Ethiopia, Hollata town

Cross Cultural Management and Global Organizations: Dilemmas of a 21st Century Manager - Case study of Statoil in Norway

Public Perception of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): A Comparative Study of Norway, Europe and the USA.

Globalisation, Labour and Corporate Culture: Human Resource Management Policies at Hydro Aluminium Suzhou from a Chinese Employee Perspective.

Labour Migration and Origin Community Effects: a Chinese Case Study.

Carbon leakage in the EU Emission Trading Scheme.

Global Corporations and CSR resources: Grameenphone's Impact on Telenor's CSR Performance.

Dynamics of National Technological Capability Building and Competitiveness: The Case of Ghana.

Global Mobility and the Right to Health - an assessment of migrant health care in Norway.

Norwegian Multinationals in Brazil: Perceptions of Development Impact and the Development Focus of CSR Initiatives.

International Migration and Brain Drain – Causes, Policy Options and its Impact on Ghana's Development Strategy (The Ghanian Experience with the Exodus of Nurses).

Internationalization of SME in the Norwegian service sector - the case of Amendor.

CSR and Morality: An Empirical Study of Norwegian Experience.