Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

MSc in Light Metals, Silicon and Ferroalloy Production

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The programme contains two different specializations. The student applies directly to one of these two:

Specialization 1: Light Metals, Silicon and Ferroalloy Production
Specialization 2: Physical Metallurgy and Downstream Processing


1: Light Metals, Silicon and Ferroalloy Production

Industrial production of light metals, silicon and ferroalloys based on Norwegian expertise and technology couples a high level of societal awareness to manufacturing of value-added products.

This MSc specialization can be described as the study of processes and industrial aspects of high temperature production of metals from their stable oxides; including recycling, environmental and energy related issues.

Candidates who have completed their study in this specialization: "Light Metals, Silicon and Ferroalloy Production" shall have:

  • Thorough knowledge of the manufacturing and refining processes that are important for industrial production of silicon, ferro alloys, light metals, including carbothermal processes, electrolysis and refining processes


  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of what determines chemical equilibrium, how this can be described by Gibbs energy functions and phase diagrams, and its significance in the development and operation of high temperature industrial processes


  • Knowledge of industrial applications of transport phenomena like heat and mass transfer for single phase and multiphase systems


  • Application skills for the combination of thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and transport phenomena with careful attention to economics and environmental issues to produce metals from natural and manmade recourses

All courses are given in English and are directly related to electrochemistry, pyrometallurgy and materials technology.

The students will study and perform industry related research projects through close cooperation between university and industry.


2: Physical Metallurgy and Downstream Processing

Alloy development, downstream processing, microstructure and properties are core areas of the Norwegian expertise on light metals.  The knowledge-dependent products made of light metals are part of a more sustainable and energy conserving future.

This MSc specialization is focused on the physical metallurgical aspects of light metals, in particular the aluminium alloys and their modern applications and recycling. It also includes related topics from applied mechanics, mechanical metallurgy, corrosion and modelling. Although emphasizing light metals, some coverage of modern offshore steels, composites and ceramics is included.

Candidates who have completed their study in this specialization: "Physical metallurgy and downstream processing" shall have:

  • Thorough knowledge of the industrial value chain for light metals, from casting to end product manufacturing, product properties and recycling.


  • In-depth knowledge of phase diagrams, phase transformations and microstructure development, mechanical metallurgy and crystal plasticity, and the relationships between alloy chemical composition, processing conditions, microstructure and properties. The specialized in-depth knowledge will depend on the elected courses and the research work.


  • Very good knowledge in modelling of physical-metallurgical phenomena, characterization methods including light- and electron microscopy and mechanical testing.


  • Knowledge about nanostructure aspects and how to create and control structures at the atomic- or nanoscale. An overall understanding of metal forming and joining technologies.



  • Sufficient knowledge to enter a research position, or start as an engineer in industry or other relevant business or governmental operation.


All courses are given in English and are directly related to physical metallurgy, applied mechanics, and materials science.

The students will perform industry related research projects under close supervision of faculty professors and industry experts.

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Application Deadlines

1 MARCH: Nordic applicants
The 1 March deadline may apply if you have a bachelor's degree from a Nordic country or are a Nordic citizen. See
 admission procedures.

15 APRIL: Norwegian applicants
If you are a Norwegian citizen and hold a bachelor's degree from Norway. See admission procedures.

15 JANUARY: International applicants
The online application is now closed for international students. Next intake is August 2016, the application form will open autumn 2015.