Master's Degree Programme, 2 years


– Specialisation:
Specialising in bioinformatics will give a broad competence including informatics, mathematics, statistics and molecular biology, but mainly based on informatics.

The students will develop skills to design methods and procedures for analysing complex data sets from research in medicine and molecular biology. Successful candidates will be well qualified for doing bioinformatics software development for research institutions, medical laboratories or biomedical industries.

Admissions and course organisation are decided by the IME Faculty, based on recommendations from the Programme for Bioinformatics.

Prospective students should have a Bachelor Degree or comparable background in Informatics, including mathematics. Candidates must have knowledge corresponding to the first 3 years of the Master of Technology studies in Computer Science (datateknikk) at NTNU. This corresponds to 80 credits university level courses in computer and information science, and 30 credits in mathematics.