Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

Healthcare Informatics

– Specialisation
Healthcare informatics is a field of research and education that deals with theory, technology, methods, processes and models for computer-supported sharing, storing, production and usage of information and knowledge in healthcare.

This specialisation focuses on the information- and knowledge systems required in a complex but co-operative patient-centred healthcare service system. The typical areas of specialisation are within system architecture, knowledge and information modelling, computer-supported co-operation, guideline-and plan-based care, decision support, user-centred development methods, evaluation, requirements engineering, context-aware user interfaces, security and access-control and information analysis and presentation. The thesis work will as far as possible be integrated in ongoing research projects, often in close co-operation with healthcare services.

Admissions and course organisation are decided by the Department of Computer and Information Science, IME Faculty.

Prospective students should have a Bachelor Degree or comparable background in Computer Science, including university level courses in the following or similar topics: discrete mathematics and logic, statistics, hardware, operating systems, distributed systems, artificial intelligence/knowledge engineering, programming, algorithms, programming languages, human-computer interaction/interface design, software engineering, database systems and data modelling, software project management etc. Work experience from health care or with healthcare information is desirable, but not a prerequisite.