Master's degree programme, 2 years

Mathematical Sciences

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About the programme of study

An international Master's degree in mathematical sciences is a very solid education. You develop strong analytical capabilities and become skilled at structuring, investigating and analysing information.

When you plan to take a Master's degree in mathematical sciences, you need to choose a programme option in which you will specialize. We can offer specialization in:

The Master's degree programme extends over 2 years, equivalent to 120 credits, including 45 credits for the Master's thesis.

Each programme option requires its academic foundation, which will normally consist of four courses worth 7.5 credits each. The academic prerequisites for the different programme options are defined below. It is possible to take one or more of these courses in the Bachelor's degree, enabling a gradual transition and earlier academic maturation from the Bachelor's to the Master's degree.

A Master's degree in mathematics has a scope requirement stating that at least three courses of 7.5 credits each must be chosen outside the main profile for the Master's degree. Students admitted must choose at least two mathematics courses (each worth 7.5 credits) that are outside the programme option in the Master's degree, and that are at Master's level. Courses outside the Department's subject areas may be included as part of the Master's degree programme. These courses must then be specially approved by the Department.

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About the Programme

Degree: Master of Science

Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS

Programme code: MSMNFMA

Admission restricted? Yes

Language of instruction: English

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Host faculty: IME

Validity of information: 2016/2017

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Petter Bergh

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Sølvi Sønvisen