Master's degree programme, 2 years

Mathematical Sciences


General rules for admission

To be admitted to the international master's programme in mathematical sciences that is based on a first degree, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • have a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • have a passing grade in courses corresponding to 80 credits in the subject area of the relevant Master's degree, as specified in the curriculum for the relevant Master's programme (see next section)
  • have fulfilled the other requirements for admission, as specified in the programme description for the Master's programme

Deadline for applications:

Norwegian / Nordic applicants

The 1 March application deadline may apply if you have a Bachelor's degree from Norway / Nordic country or are a Norwegian / Nordic citizen.

*Refer to these admission procedures for more information.

1 December
International applicants**
**Self-financed and Quota Scheme

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Special rules for admission to the mathematical sciences

The general rules for admission to the Master's programme are described above. The special prerequisites for admission to the Master's degree programme in mathematical sciences are described below. There is one common admission system for the programme options in the Master's programme.

To be admitted to the Master's degree programme, both internal and external applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • have obtained a Bachelor's degree, cand.mag. degree or equivalent education.
  • satisfy the requirements for the main profile/specialization (at least 80 credits in mathematical sciences) where courses corresponding to the following must be included: MA1101 Basic Calculus I (7.5 credits), MA1102 Basic Calculus II (7.5 credits), MA1103 Vector Calculus (7.5 credits), MA1201 Linear Algebra and Geometry (7.5 credits), MA1202 Linear Algebra with Applications (7.5 credits)

For the specializations algebra, analysis and topology, the following courses must also be included:

MA2105 Complex Function Theory with Differential Equations (7.5 credits) or equivalent, for example, TMA4120 Calculus 4K, MA2201 Algebra (7.5 credits), as well as 2 courses in pure mathematics, of which at least one is at an advanced level.

For the specialization Applied Mathematics, the following courses must also be included:

MA2105 Complex Function Theory with Differential Equations (7.5 credits) or equivalent, for example, TMA4120 Calculus 4K. MA2501 Numerical Methods or TMA4215 Numerical Mathematics (the latter is an advantage for this specialization). For this specialization, some background in physics and informatics (programming) may be an advantage.

For the Statistics specialization, at least 30 credits must be statistics courses, which must include the following courses:

ST1101 Probability and Statistics, ST1201 Statistical Methods, as well as at least one of the courses: TMA4267 Linear Statistical Models, TMA4265 Stochastic Processes or another statistics course at the equivalent level.

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Admission Requirements

General requirements : Admission to NTNU’s international master’s programmes is highly competitive. Priority in admission will be given to applicants who have completed their first degree within a relevant academic area, and who have obtained an average grade of First Class Division or Second Class Division. For some master’s programmes relevant work experience is also recommended for admission.

Language and financing requirements

The English-language requirements apply for all applicants; while the financing requirements do differ depending on the type of applicant you are.

Contacts for this Programme

Academic questions

Petter Bergh

Administrative questions

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