MSc- Master's degree programme, 2 years

Maritime Engineering

- -Joint Nordic Master

Applying through SøknadsWeb

Applicants to Joint Nordic Degrees and International Master's Programmes (Quota Scheme and Self-financed) now apply through Søknadsweb.

How to apply through SøknadsWeb

Upon opening the link to SøknadsWeb you need to follow the steps described below. Please read the instructions carefully:

  1. Click on the log in link for the online application: SøknadsWeb.
  2. In the "språk"-box on the left choose language: English.
  3. Click on "Login for Users without Norwegian National Identification Number".
  4. Click on "Register International Applicant".
  5. Answer the question regarding your English qualifications.
  6. Answer the question regarding residence permit in Norway.
  7. Answer the question concerning financing.
  8. You have now reached the application form. Please register as an applicant, and you will receive your password by e-mail.
  9. Log on to the application web with your e-mail address and password, and fill in the application details. As the final step of the application process you will be asked to submit your documents by uploading these in our database. Please note that there is no "submit"-button.
  10. After you have submitted the online application and uploaded your documents, you will receive a receipt by e-mail.
  11. You can change your application as many times as you like up until the deadline.

Information specific to International Master's Programme

Please note that it is not a requirement to submit online copies of your educational documents by 1 December.

After the deadline, 1 December, we will go through all the applications. Those of you who are qualified according to our criteria will receive the final application form by e-mail.  You must then fill in and return this to us, along with hard copies of all your educational documents. Please do not send any hard copies of your documents until you have received the final application form by e-mail. 

Please note that a later application deadline may apply if you are a Norwegian/Nordic applicant.

Information specific to Joint Nordic Degrees

You must submit the online application with all your educational documents by 15 January

Thu, 07 Nov 2013 10:09:38 +0100

Programme facts (NMME)

Awarded degree:
Master of Science (MSc)

2 years, 120 ECTS

Application deadline:
January 15

Application form:

NTNU, and partner universities

Programme start:
Late august

Contact information

Academic contact person
Eilif Pedersen (NTNU)

Department of Marine Technology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

Programme Coordinator:
DTU Mechanical Engineering

More info:

Questions about your international master's application?

Having trouble with your online application for our international Master's of Science programmes? Wondering when the deadlines are, or what kind of language requirements to be fullfilled? We have answered all these questions and more in our FAQs.