Master's Programme, 2 years

Master of Science in Exercise Physiology

Do you wonder how physical activity and exercise training influence the heart, arteries, skeletal muscles and other organs in our bodies? Do you want to use a wide range of methods to investigate exercise-induced mechanism in different organs, or what is wrong when cardiovascular disease occurs? If so, the MSc in Exercise Physiology is the right choice for you.

The MSc programme is associated with the research group in Exercise and Extreme Environments at the Faculty of Medicine. This group searches for the mechanisms for limitations for the supply and demand of oxygen transport, as well as the muscular and neural limitations for strength and coordination. A main goal is to identify exercise-training responses, prescribe effective strength- and endurance training programmes, and to study their effect on top sports performance.

Furthermore, the epidemic of cardiovascular and other lifestyle-related diseases in western societies, which is an impending threat to public health and economy, calls for effective, affordable treatment and prevention strategies. The search for an adequate treatment for these diseases is a major challenge, and even though medical treatment has been improved substantially, the mortality rate is high. There is a need for a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms for such diseases, as well as the beneficial effects of physical activity on the organism. Physical activity is advocated as an important part of rehabilitation programmes for these patient groups. Understanding the mechanisms of training-induced (strength- and endurance) amelioration of cardiovascular performance will help identify targets for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The language of teaching and examinations is English.


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Degree type: Master of Science (MSc)
Programme code: MSPORT

Faculty: Medicine
Department: Circulation and Medical Imaging

Location: Trondheim (Campus Øya)

The validity of the information: 2016/2017


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