MSc programme, 2 years


– About the study programme

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

The Master's degree programme lasts for 2 years, which equals 120 ECTS credits of which 60 are reserved for the Master's thesis. A Master's degree in statistics can be further strengthened by taking one year of practical pedagogic education (PPU) to obtain teacher qualification for upper secondary school (see PPU).

The courses

  • TMA4270 Multi-Variable Analysis
  • TMA4295 Statistical Interference
  • TMA4300 Modern Statistical Methods

are compulsory for all programme options in a Master's degree in statistics. These courses can also be taken as part of a Bachelor's degree in order to obtain a gradual transition and earlier academic development from the Bachelor's to the Master's degree. The total number of ECTS credits within statistics, including the credits obtain in the Bachelor's degree, must be at least 97.5.

The remaining courses are chosen among those offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, including courses described in the programme catalogue for the Technology Programmes. We recommend our students to contact the Department at an early stage in order to plan their education.

This programme is meant for Scandinavian-speaking students. For further information, please see the Norwegian website .