Civil and Environmental Engineering - Specialization

Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

This subject studies relations connected to the use of water and dealing with waste. Some of modern society’s major challenges involve environmental issues related to water.

Water and Sewerage

deals with the transportation and supply of clean water, how to avoid floods in urban areas and how environmental pollution can be avoided by draining and purifying waste water.

Hydraulic engineering

deals with the water cycle and how it is affected by the climate, precipitation and run-off, and with the planning and building of water system constructions such as dams, power plants and flood protection as well as measures to protect the environment in connection with such developments.

Residual Products and Industrial Ecology

This subject will teach you how the population and industry can meet the challenges of waste based on a cycle mentality. You will learn about systems for handling industrial and public waste. Central topics include waste minimization, recycling and recovery as well as life-cycle analysis and resource economy.