MSc programme, 5 years


– Programme components

The study of electronics at NTNU covers an extensive field, which means that our students specialize gradually and acquire a broad specter of knowledge. The first two years consist of the same basis classes for all students, while in the third year of the study program, students may choose among four main fields of concentration, each of which split further into ten main profiles in the fourth and fifth years of the study program of Electronics.



The table gives an overview of courses included in first two years of study. Overview of the last three years are given in the main profiles.

Study Year 2007/2008:

2. year Spring Electromagnetics Statistics Electronic Circuits Information and Signal Theory
Autumn Circuit Analysis Digital Design and Computer Fundamentals Physics Calculus 4K
1. year Spring Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming Advanced Electronic Systems Calculus 2 Calculus 3
Autumn Information Technology, Introduction Electric Circuits Calculus 1 Philosophy and Theory of Science