Norwegian For Foreigners

– Levels 1-4 and Short Course


In addtion to the Aplication file you have to upload documents listed below. If you have applied and uploaded documents previously, please check My documents on Søkandsweb. If you do not have any new information from your last application, and your application was complete, you do not have to upload a new application file or educational documents. However, applicants who need to document a statement from the Department and/or a valid residence permit in order to qualify, have to upload this every admission.

Diploma and transcript of records have to be in the original language. If your original documentation is not in English or in a Scandinavian language you also have to upload an official translation. Both sides of two sided documents must be uploaded. The following documents are required:

For Academic staff (including PhD's and Postdoctoral  Fellows) at NTNU:

1. Work contract at NTNU

2. A statement from your Department guaranteeing they will pay the course fee

For International Masters and Exchange students at NTNU

No documents or application file needed - only online application. If you have documentation on previous Norwegian Language skills (not taken at NTNU) you have to upload this if you apply for level 2 or 3.

For Spouses of Academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU:

1. High school and university education 

2. Your spouse's contract of employment at NTNU

3. Marriage certificate

4. A statement from your spouse's Department guaranteeing that they will pay 

5. Valid residence permit

For Applicants without NTNU affiliation:

1. A valid residence permit  

2. A copy of your passport

3. High school and university education

4. Norwegian course documents


Applicants not holding a Norwegian personal ID number have to submit a copy of their passport. When you have received your Norwegian personal ID number please notify Student Services Office at Dragvoll or Gløshaugen.


Directly from your institution

From some countries we require that original documentation is sent directly to NTNU from your institution. See a complete list of countries here. If your education is from one of the listed countries you have to contact your institution as soon as possible and request that your diploma and transcript of records are sent directly to NTNU. 

Residence permit

One of the requirements for the Norwegian For Foreigners course is that you already have a residence Norway, and that it is valid during the course. If you have applied for a renewal of your permit, but not received it around the end of July/December, you need to upload a statement from the police/UDI showing that your application is still in process 

Insufficient documentation

You will receive notifications to the e-mail address you have registered in Søknadsweb. It is therefore important that you check your e-mail regularly and that you make sure your e-mail address is correct. The Admissions Office will notify you if we require more documentation than what you have submitted. We do not notify you of missing documentation if your application file says that you will submit it later. The deadline for forwarding missing documentation is 1 July for the Autumn Semester and 1 December for the Spring Semester. 

Document verification

NTNU will carry out verification of uploaded documents, and original documents must be submitted if requested. Applicants who are unable to submit adequate documentation will lose the right to study.