PhD admission requirements


In order to apply for the PhD programme at NTNU you must have:

  1. A master's degree or equivalent education, that is approved by the faculty where you want to study;
  2. A strong academic record with a B average or higher — spesifically, a weighted average from your final two years of study (equivalent to 120 credits) must average a B or higher, corresponding with NTNU's grading system.

What to expect

The PhD education programme is primarily comprised of active research work under supervision and includes:

  • completion of an independent piece of research (PhD project) in active cooperation with other researchers
  • writing a PhD thesis based on the PhD project
  • approved organized academic training, ( cf. § 7.3 )(pdf)
  • participation in active research groups in Norway and internationally
  • scientific and academic dissemination, including the publication of the PhD project work

Each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship, the availablity of which ae generally published as jobs on the vacancies webpage. Typically, doctoral studies at NTNU are coordinated by a specific department. The department with which you wish to study can provide you with general information, information about available positions, as well as help you find the right supervisor within a particular field of study as well.

Application and admissions

You must apply for admission on NTNU's application form. A "PhD plan", including a project description, must be completed in cooperation with your main supervisor and must specify which issues are being considered, the scientific approach, theory, and method.

The application for admission must include a PhD plan with: (1) a plan for organized academic training; (2) a project description; (3) a proposed supervisor(s); (4) a work schedule; (5) a funding plan; (6) an estimate of required scientific and material resources; (7) a scientific dissemination plan; (8) a plan for meeting residency requirements; (9) an explanation of how the applicant can participate with active research groups in Norway and internationally.

For additional requirements and more comprehensive information please see "Regulations concerning the philosophiae doctor degree (PhD) at NTNU."

Doctoral studies  at NTNU

There are extensive programmes for doctoral research and organized research training in most disciplines at NTNU. The PhD degree (philosophiae doctor) replaced the degrees of,,, dr.polit., dr.psychol. og dr.scient. in 2003.