Searching for private housing

Students who are not allocated housing at SiT will have to find private accommodation on their own. The Office of International Relations has information about all students who have not been allocated housing and it is not necessary to contact us about this.

Finding a place to live in Trondheim can be a challenge, especially for students who want to live close to NTNU and/or the center of Trondheim. Rooms close to NTNU are popular and more expensive than rooms located in the suburbs (for example suburbs like Ranheim, Vikåsen, Kolstad, Tiller and Heimdal) and we therefore advise students to look for private accommodation in the suburbs. Rooms close to NTNU / the centre of Trondheim cost from approximately NOK 4500 per month. Electricity is usually not included in the monthly rent. This means that if you find something around this price you should accept it.

Experience has shown that it is easier to find housing in the spring, both in the student villages and on the private market. It might therefore be an idea to consider coming to NTNU in the spring rather than the autumn semester, if possible. It is also a very good idea to start searching for private housing already in May/June since it is easier finding a room then compared to closer up to the fall semester.

Where to search for housing

Private student villages
Rosenborg studentby, Voll Student Village and Falkenborg Studentby

General accommodation sites,, and

Temporary housing in the autumn semester

Students arriving in Trondheim in the autumn semester are guaranteed to have a bed available for a short period at "Roof Over Your Head". This offer is available from August 5th to September 3. If you arrive before August 5th, you may arrange for temporary housing at Trondheim Hostel or Singsaker Summer Hotel. The Student Cabin also offer temporary housing for students in August.

Due to a huge conference in Trondheim in week 34 it will be very difficult to get a room at any hotel in Trondheim during this week.

Let us know once you have found a room

Please inform the Office of International Relations at as soon as you have found a room on the private market.

Avoid getting scammed

Please keep this list in mind to avoid getting scammed by a false landlord.

  1. The landlord says he/she is staying abroad for the moment and asks you to send the money to a foreign account
  2. The landlord says he/she cannot join you at a viewing of the room/apartment, but the key will be sent to you once the deposit is transferred.
  3. The landlord often asks for your credit card number.
  4. The rental is considerably lower than for similar apartments/rooms in the same area.
  5. Remember that the landlord and the tenant should visit the bank together to open a deposit account. Do not transfer the deposit into a private bank account.
  6. Never give your credit card number to anyone through email, phone or any other way.
  7. Also keep this in mind: If something seems too good to be true – it usually is!


  1. What should I do if I find a room/flat I like?
    The most important thing is to call or send a text message to the owner of the apartment. They receive a lot of emails, so your chances are much better if you call.
  2. What can I do to increase my chances of getting an apartment?
    Consider writing your own advertisment  at the housing websites listed above, or at least at and our Facebookgroup  where it is free.
  3. What should I expect to pay?
    Close to the campus you should be happy if you find something around 4500 NOK, We know this is expensive, but that it is the reality. A little further away (15 minutes by bus) you should be able to find something around 3500 NOK.
  4. Is it better to be one person or a group?
    It is almost always best to be a group. It is easier for the houseowner to keep in touch with one of you and it is less work for him/her. You can use our Facebook group to find other students who are in the same situation as yourself.
  5. What can the Office of International Relations do to help?
    We cannot find a room for you in the private market - this is your reseponsibility, but we can give you relevant information about where to look for it.
  6. How many students arrive each year and how many receive housing?
    We expect more students than we have room for at SiT's student villages. Therefore we have to prioritize who will get an offer. First all the non-EU/EEA students receive housing because they need it for visa purposes. After that there is around 450 left for the 700 students from EU/EEA countries. However, we always receive some cancellations, so there is a small hope of getting student housing for some of you - however the wisest thing to do is start searching as soon as possible for private housing to be sure you find some.