Lending regulations

1. Borrowing rights

The NTNU Library provides its services to staff and students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). If the resources of the Library permit it, the collections are open to people in Norway and abroad who need material for research, academic study and documentation.

2. Registration

Borrowers must either come to the Library in person to register for a library card (valid identification documents must be produced) or may register via the Student Register. Students and staff at NTNU can use their ID cards as library cards.

Responsibility of the borrower:

  • The borrower is responsible for ensuring that the required information is correct.
  • Library cards are personal documents and cannot be transferred to others.
  • The Library is to be notified immediately of lost library cards, and any change in the borrower's association with NTNU.

3. Loans

Loans from the NTNU Library collections are free of charge. The loan period is normally 4 weeks. There may be restrictions on the length of the loan because of the nature of the material or due to restrictions imposed by the library branch or unit. Note that some library units have their own regulations.

A loan can be renewed if it has not been requested or reserved by another borrower.

The NTNU Library's electronic resources are available on the computers in the Library and can be be used subject to applicable licensing agreements. The same resources can be accessed by those permitted to use the computer network at NTNU.

Literature required for study or research that is not the property of NTNU Library can be obtained from other libraries in its original format or as a copy. The NTNU Library is allowed to charge for copies and loans from other libraries. In these cases, the library that owns the document determines the loan period. The NTNU Library is allowed to impose an upper limit on the number of loans allowed to each borrower.

Responsibility of the borrower:

All documents that are taken out of the Library are to be registered as a loan. The borrower is personally responsible for everything listed as a loan on his/her library card.

Documents that are lost or damaged must be replaced in accordance with the Library's regulations and charges. Loans are to be returned by the expiry date of the loan period.

Documents that are borrowed from the Library cannot be loaned to a third party.

4. Compensation claims

The Library will send a claim for compensation if the document is not renewed or returned after 2 reminders.

Apart from compensation for the value of the document, the NTNU Library will also charge for the costs of purchasing and registering the material in the NTNU system. The NTNU Library retains its rights of ownership for any document where compensation has been paid. Should the document be returned to NTNU Library at a later date, the compensation claim will be repaid to the borrower less the expenses involved.

Any costs related to enforcing legal proceedings will be charged to the borrower.

Failure to follow the Lending Regulations of the NTNU Library can result in the loss of borrowing rights, or a limitation on the number of simultaneous loans.

In special cases, the NTNU Library has the discretion to give dispensation from different sections of the regulations.