Order loan or copy

Books and articles from BIBSYS
  • Search for the book / journal in BIBSYS
  • Is the book at a library, you can retrieve it yourself. (See the shelf map)
  • Is it on loan or located at another library, select
  • Enter your Patron / loan number and last name
  • Check if you want further order from another library 
  • Article from a journal? Fill out the article fields. see Price List
  • Select "Submit Order"
Articles from databases / e-journals

Access to all databases and e-journals at NTNU Library, is available from our website.
  • Search the current database. Fields of study or VIKO can help you select the database     
  • Select item and click NTNU button  
  • If NTNU Library has subscription you will get access to the article    
  • If no access or no NTNU button, you can order via BIBSYS (see above)