Scholarly articles in PhD dissertations

If the article has been published by a publishing house, the publisher often has the exclusive right to publish it, but you can enter into an agreement with the publisher and get permission to publish your latest version (post-print) of the article along with the dissertation in NTNU's institutional repository, DiVA. This is called self-archiving.

As the author of your work, you must be aware of this issue when you sign your publishing contract. The University Library will always take a close look at the conditions that apply to the publication and whether you have submitted the correct version of the article to be archived in DiVA.

Publishers' policies
An overview of publishers' policies with respect to self-archiving is available on the Sherpa-RoMEO website. Publishers often distinguish between articles in a published version (the publisher's PDF version) and the author's manuscript version after peer review (post-print). The manuscript version has the fewest restrictions on its use, and can usually be published in DiVA when the publisher has published the final version.

Articles for which the publisher holds the copyright will be listed with links to the full text version of the article at the publisher's site in connection with the published thesis in DiVA. If the articles are sent for publication, please inform us when the articles were sent and their status.

Researchers have the freedom to publish where they find the most appropriate venues, but in choosing between two equally worthy journals, we encourage researchers to choose the journal that provides open access to everyone, either because the article is published in an OA journal, or because the journal allows self-archiving.

Your address for publications
PhD candidates employed at NTNU should use  "NTNU Norges teksnisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet" or "NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology"as their address to be listed in any scholarly journal that publishes their work. PhD candidates who work for external employers should provide NTNU and the main employer's address on their publications. This is in line with the UHR guidelines for the crediting of scientific publications for institutions (in Norwegian).