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Mubil laboratory has opened its doors to the public. You can visit us in our 3D lab in Trondheim and experience the 3D books and games. You find us at Kalvskinnet next to the Natural Science Museum.
We can also come to your venue with a presentation or workshop.
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Interactive experience workshops for school classes:  Mubil invites to experience the books of our digital library lab. Groups of 5 or individuals can enter our 3D lab and "perform" certain tasks in a virtual reconstruction of an old laboratory and learn through interaction. Thus they are introduced to a game environment in a power wall with a 3D projector. We can also set up the 3D lab at your venue.
Our 3D books are what we call augmented books and they are enriched with texts, 3d models, audios and films that provide the users with more information on the subject of the book and the period they were created in.
The experience of reading a book can be different in our days. Virtual technology is now part of our life, why not use it to bring to life a manuscript from 1670? Here you can see a film on our last application. We can deliver that to your school in a touch screen as well.
The two augmented books and a game! Soon all three available on line!
3. An alchemists lab-game based on the Lonicer book.
The books can now be downloaded here (run it using Windows).

Mubil stands for "Museum and library" in Norwegian and is aiming at partnerships or collaborations with educating institutions and schools in order to presnt the workshop concept introduced here with the 3D apps provided by the project. Our idea is to be able to use and test these prototypes of 3D books and game in order to support learning. We would like also to measure learning and the use of the apps so if you are interested please contact us and we can send you our survey!
Any other type of feedback is also welcome!


About Mubil

MUBIL is an international research project that aims mainly at Establishing a novel learning framework based on Virtual Environments technologies in order to disseminate...

About Mubil

MUBIL is an international research project that aims mainly at

Establishing a novel learning framework based on Virtual Environments technologies in order to disseminate the content of library archives, especially manuscripts and Libri Rari.

It also intends to

1. Develop a virtual learning space within the physical space of our library/museum Institution as to disseminate the content of our Special Collections that are of great scientific importance both nationally and internationally.

2.Use novel technology to allow visitor interaction on several levels of growing immersion.

3.Communicate with new groups of users and create dynamic linkages between the public and our collections by spreading knowledge.

4. Gather data on how people interact with 3D technology and virtual objects in a mixed environment.This project is based on the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people that have been involved in the project. Except the official collaborators mentioned above here come all the contributors to be thanked!

Illustrations,Drawings,layout: Irene D. Marquez, Game counselor: Roger Hansen, Chemistry experts: LIse Kvittingen, Fredrik M. Kirkemo Workshop development: Fredrik M. Kirkemo, Ola Dimmen and his Stabbursmoen school students and Trond Rømo and his students, Irene D. Marquez and Kari Skinnerhaug.

Texts: Stein Johansen, Rolv N. Jakobsen, Victoria Juhlin, Ellen Alm, Kari s. Binns.Narrative:Jørgen Brekke.Text translation and editing: Helmuth p. Sandbeck, Jeanne and Kjell Erheim, Peggy Furtig, Kåre Hasselgerg, Unn K. Dalling, Oluf d. Røe, Eva Sauvage, Tore Moen.

Music: Marianna Røe.

Digitilization: Ingunn Sauvage, Ove Wolden. Technical advisors:Ove Wolden, Hans J. Berntsen, Eva Sauvage,Sebastian Bete, Astrid Salvesen. Pictures:Nils k.Th. Eikeland, Åge Høiem, Irene D. Marquez. Mentainance and security: Bjørn Skarsvåg and Bjørn Geisnes.

Project advisors: Lisbeth Tangen, Stein Johansen, Eva Sauvage, Sølvi Løchen,Roar Storleer, Lise Kvittingen, Fredrik M. Kirkemo. Economic advisors: Bjørg Hagh, Eli I. Solberg, Anne l. Stenvik. Legal advisor: Hanne M. Sørgjerd

We would like to also thank the Eit students 2012 and their teacher Roberta Proto.


An axhibition, Art in the library 2013, a spinn off workshop

An exhibition of rare books in 3D, an interactive workshop of tactile knowledge through experimentation and knowledge from the past went live on the site. A day ready for interaction and learning. 

For the first time 40 students from Stabbburmoens school came for a Mubil workshop on November 15. Fredrik and Lise had put the fire on under the distillation oven at 6 o`clock in the morning. Behind Suhmhuset, Fredrik would show the young students how he worked in reconstructing a process of chemistry from a book written back in 16th century. 

The book of Adam Lonicer gave us the knowledge of the process in description and the drawings you can see in the book Kreuterbuch . The book probably published in 1560, has coloured illustrations and is pretty rare and valuable. 
Browse through the book and zoom into its text from the website of the special collections of the Gunnerus library here.

Financed by the Art Council of Norway

Alexandra Angeletaki


Publications and Videos

Mubil has had many publications and papers in International conferences, see under:


Publications and Videos

Mubil has had many publications and papers in International conferences, see under:




Conferences and posters 2012

Kultur på nett, conference in Trondheim,05.03.12 poster contribution "Mubil a digital laboratory", Alexandra Angeletaki, Letizia Jaccheri, Marcello Carrozzino, Chiara Evangelista, poster presented by members of the Mubil Gunnerus team, Ingunn Østgaard, Irene Marquez.

Projects 2012, NTNU UB, Trondheim 19.03.12 presenting for UB, MUSIT, VM "Mubil, work in progress" Alexandra Angeletaki, Letizia Jaccheri, Stein Johansen, Irene Marquez.

Culture- and web- conferense, 21-23.03.1221-23.03.12, Stavanger, poster contribution "Mubil a digital laboratory", Alexandra Angeletaki, Letizia Jaccheri, Marcello Carrozzino, Chiara Evangelista presented by a member of the Mubil Gunnerus team, Eva Sauvage.

  Museums and the web 2012, paper in the proceedings, "Creating an interactive learning experience", 9-15. 04.12, paper and demonstration booth session by by Alexandra Angeletaki, Chiara Evangelista

Nordic Library Conference, Oslo, 14-15.05.12 "Mubil a digital laboratory", paper by Alexandra Angeletaki.

 Emtacl 2012 " Mubil a digital laborator2 paper delivered by Alexandra Angeletaki, marcello Carrozzino, Trondheim 2013.

 CAA UK abstract and poster, London 22-23 february 2012.

Virtual technologies to enable novel methods of access to library archives, Journal of Scientific Research and Information Technology 2013.

Seeking knowledge in an Immersive Experience Environment. A case-study by the NTNU University library of Trondheim. Abstract og paper til workshopen Cultural heritage, Creative tools and Archives, Kopenhagen Juni 2013.

Implementation of 3D tools and immersive experience interaction for supporting learning in a library-archive environment. Visions and challenges. Cipa,Strasburg, 2-6. September 2013.

Creating an Immersive experience of books, ICEC, 2013 Article in Springer conference proceedings. Sao Paolo 16-18 Oktober 2013

 Information Landscapes for the Communication of Ancient Manuscripts Heritage, Digital Heritage 2013 Marseilles 28oct.-2nNov. 2013.

Bokas Virtuell verden, Spor 2013.

MUBIL: Creating a 3D experience of "reading books" in a virtual library laboratory.In "Best award paper edition of the International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era", 2014.

Paper and Presentation in Web and the Museum Firenze 18-21.02.2014.

Presentation in Bibsys konferanse Trondheim: 11 til 12. mars 2014.

Mubil: En virtuell opplevelse av bøkerArticle in Bibliotheca Nova 2014.





About the project


Mubil reserves copyright rights and does not allow any commercial use of the products.Mubil apps can be downloaded!


Project manager, concept development, content development, economic management and administrationAlexandra Angeletaki,NTNU University Libary 

Collaborators: Letizia Jaccheri,Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI), NTNU TRONDHEIM, Marcello Carrozzino and Chiara Evangelista, PERCRO - Scuola Superiore, Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy.

Technical edvelopment : PERCRO - Scuola Superiore, Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy.

Project period: 1.10.2011-1.10.2013

Status report about the project April 2013 (in Norwegian)

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  1. By Percro, october 2012 on you tube
  2. Mubil Books by Percro mai 2012
  3. Mini Cave by Percro mai 2012
  4. From NTNU students: EiT1   A game based on sheet music from Trondheim city composer Johan Daniel Berlin
  5. An Illustration from the book of Lonicer by Percro 
  6. An oven based on Lonicers description by Fredrik Motland 
  7. Mubil 2013 a film by A. Angeletaki.
  8. The Travel Journal of Hans Lilienskiold from in a touch screen.
  9. An illustration from the book of Adam Lonicer by Trondheim media.