General price list

Price list

Non-Profit & Commercial Use: If you wish to publish or reproduce the photos in any form or use them for any commercial purpose including display, you must obtain written permission from the Special Collections department at NTNU Library.

Commercial/publication/display fees apply: Non-commerical or non-profit users: 200,- NOK per image: Commercial users: 500,- NOK per image
The usage fee applies every time an image is published.

Copyright Information: NTNU Library assumes no responsibility that may arise concerning exhibit of this image, especially regarding questions of invasion of privacy. Specific copyright information for individual photo collections is available upon request. When published or displayed the copy must bear the credit line:
"NTNU Library, Photo Collection, All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or usage prohibited."

Questions? Please contact Special Collections at (+47) 918 97 859.

Photographic prints / analog development







Scans of originals, price per item:

Low quality


0 – 1 Mb



High quality


1 - 20 Mb


21 - 50 Mb


over 50 Mb




Digitization of books and manuscripts
  1-10 pages: 500,- NOK
Then 10,- NOK  pr side.

All prices are in Norwegian kroner.
Note: In addition to prices given, a VAT fee may apply.

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