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Most of our primary sources are on display at the first floor. Other books can be ordered through our online catalogue of materials , called “BIBSYS ASK”

Talk with our staff for help. For courses on our library services and database search, contact our Subject Librarian.

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Do you need assistance in finding a book or article then you must sign up for a course by the subject librarian. Send email or call.

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The cultural heritage collections are going back to the 1760s when the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters began collecting natural history material and also material pertaining to cultural history. Today it includes Manuscripts, Libri Rari 400.000 pictures and documents from the archives of the Society together with many other collections of books and items of great value for the history of the area around Trondheim but as well as for the whole of Norway in general. Our collections can be surveyed in the databases available on line at our address,

mail to

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 09.00-15.00, Friday: closed

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Alexandra Angeletaki

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