Core Facilities at The Medical Faculty

Several laboratories with advanced equipment and expertise are organized into core facilities. The main goal of the core facilities is to offer a necessary infrastructure connected to specialized expertise for regional, national and international researchers from research institutions and the industrial sector.


The Faculty of medicine and the Central Norway Regional Health Authority host the following core facilities:

Bioinformatics Core Facility (BioCore)
Bioinformatics core facility Photo: Geir Mogen


MR Core Facility

Photo: Geir Mogen

Genomics Core Facility (GCF)
Genomics core facility Photo: Geir Mogen

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC)

cellular and Molecular Imaging Core facility Photo:Geir Mogen


Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility (PROMEC)
Proteomics and metabolomics core facility Photo: Geir Mogen

Comparative Medicine Core facility (CoMed)

Comparative medicine core facility

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The Faculty of medicine also offer core facilities within:

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Terms of use

When you register to use a core facility you accept these terms of use (pdf).

Publishing results obtained at a NTNU Core Facility.


Information about how to register, book equipment or do a service request.

User fee

Please see the individual core facility web pages.


Visit each core facility's website for more information about their services. Or contact the core facility coordinator Janne Østvang.