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7,5 million NOK to innovative engine technology

7,5 million NOK to innovative engine technology

A research project between NTNU and Warsaw University of Technology has recently received 7,5 million in funding from the Norway Grants (EEA Grants). The aim is to create an innovative engine, which could be put in electrical cars to help them to extend their range and be more efficient.

illustration: Engine concept - RangEx project

When the battery of the electrical car is nearly empty, the engine will turn on and work at its highest efficiency to recharge the battery. The engine design will combine both historical technology (barrel type engine) and cutting-edge clean combustion technology called HCCI* in an innovative way. A part of the project is also to investigate performance of the engine fuelled by both conventional and unconventional fuels like biofuels.

*Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition

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The RangEx project benefits from a € 929 757 grant from Norway Grants. The aim of the RangEx project is to investigate Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition in an innovative barrel engine, which could be used as a range-extender for electric cars of the future.