Norwegian For Foreigners

— Levels 1-4 and Short Course

Course fee for academic staff 

Academic staff (including PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows), with a duration of stay of minimum 1 year, are guaranteed a place in level 1-3, provided their Department covers the course fee. The fee is NOK 3500 per Level, and NOK 1750 for the Short course.

A letter of confirmation from your Department for coverage of the course fee must be submitted. This also applies to spouses/partners of Academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU, who will be paid for by their spouse's Department.

Academic staff will not be granted admission if their Department does not cover the course fee.

Semester fee

All applicants, except Exchange students, have to pay the ordinary semester fee.

International students and other applicants compete for a place and are ranked in accordance with the Admisson Regulations (English translation here).