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The high seas and the deep oceans:
Representations, resources and regulatory governance (3ROceans)


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The oceans are ecologically in peril and a regulatory disaster. While the problems are widely acknowledged, the governance of the sea remains inadequate to address these global and multifarious challenges. The problems are particularly acute for the area that lies beyond national borders and jurisdiction, what is typically termed the high seas and the deep ocean. The challenges related to the use and regulation of this area are fundamentally shaped and influenced by cultural conditions and perceptions.

This project seeks to chart and analyze how cultural conditions underpin the use of the oceans and to investigate the relationships between the representations, resources and regulations of the high seas and the deep oceans. We approach this through an interdisciplinary effort that links the studies of aesthetical formations with their concomitant implications for legal and regulatory development across historical time and space.

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Events and news

Events and news

3ROceans on national television: Håkon With Andersen in "Undring og mangfald - Store djup og åpne hav", first time broadcasted on NRK2, 9 October 2018.

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The 3ROceans project is funded by the participating institutions and The Research Council of Norway (SAMKUL) - project number 259419.