EFFESUS - Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts Sustainability

The Faculty is involved in the new EU project EFFESUS - Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts Sustainability.

The EFFESUS concept is to reduce the environmental impact of Europe's valuable urban heritage by making significant improvements to its energy efficiency while conserve and even promote the cultural, historic, urban and architectural value of European's historic cities.

The overall objective of the proposal is to develop and demonstrate, through case studies, a methodology and criteria for selecting and prioritizing energy efficiency interventions, based on existing and new cost-effective technologies and systems compatible with heritage values, for significant life cycle energy efficiency improvements in the rehabilitation of historic districts.

The main deliverable of the project will be a decision support system (DSS) which includes all the parameters needed to select energy efficiency interventions in historic districts.

Tecnalia (Spain) is coordinator. NTNU will participate in several activities, providing data from Norway. The participants from NTNU are Professor Eir Grytli and Professor Arild Gustavsen, Researcher Luca Finocchiaro og PhD-students Sonja Jurosevic, Cezary Misiopecki and Michael Kahn.

NTNU will lead Task 3.4 by improving thermal behavior of original windows. It will also participate in dissemination activities. By the participation in EFFESUS, NTNU will acquire knowledge and experience on services and technologies used to make historic buildings and cities more energy efficient. This knowledge will be used jn developing and upgrading student courses, and creating new research activity within this area.

The EFFESUS webpage