About the faculty

Birdwaching tower in Rindal. Photo: Ole Thomas Rødland

Form, climate and impact

NTNU’s vision is: Knowledge for a better world.  As a tool to achieve this, our faculty has developed a strategic compass where these three elements interact:

  • Form: We give shape to our physical surroundings and will contribute to restore aesthetic authority in society.
  • Climate: We work for a sustainable development and will seek climate-friendly solutions
  • Impact: We are willing and able to take leading roles in society in order to promote aesthetic authority and sustainability.

Strategy 2011- 2020

Strategic focus areas

The Faculty’s disciplines are Fine Art, Architecture and Urban Planning. We have five strategic focus areas including research, artistic development, innovation and education:

  • Cities of the future
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architecture and health
  • Art and culture as a pillar of society
  • Innovative learning

We are also a major contributor to NTNU's Strategic Research Areas: NTNU Sustainability, NTNU Health and NTNU Energy - for example within the topics:


Research and artistic development

The faculty hosts two research centers on international top level:

  • ZEB (Zero Emission Buildings)
  • Metamorphosis, on real estate development and facilities management.  

In addition we have a leading role at NTNU in developing Smart and Sustainable Cities. Our recently founded center on innovative learning, TRANSark, investigates the “next practice” in learning. Our scientific and artistic staff and PhD’s develop new knowledge in many fields. Several are linked to our strategic focus areas.

The faculty is a key player on the art scene in Trondheim and also on national and international arenas. Our staff creates art and architecture of high standard exhibited globally.  

We also collaborate on hosting conferences such as the yearly ZEB conference and The TAF celebration of architecture at Røros.

Research  |  Artistic development Events


We offer nine study programmes on master and bachelor level in Fine Art, Architecture, Sustainable Architecture (energy & CO2), Real Estate and Facilities Management, Physical Planning and Urban Ecological Planning. We encourage our students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to be explorative and to collaborate. Several of our students have received prices and have been internationally published even when they were students (e.g. Tyin tegnestue).



The faculty has five departments and is partner in five centers. We have a board with external and internal members and are headed by Dean Fredrik Shetelig.