Workshop Management

The service provides assistance in planning, implementation and documentation of workshops.

A workshop is a method used when the various stakeholders need to reach a common result. This result can be abstract (e.g. a decision) or specific (e.g. a plan of action).

Examples of topics we have good knowledge of is; conduction of surveys of work practices and work processes to improve collaboration, coordination of work processes, or in order to carry out optimal IT acquisitions (requirements specifications). Other themes could be strategy and action plan work, discussion of ideas amoung various parties / stakeholders or organizational units, anchoring of processes or projects.

We use different tools, techniques and methods to achieve engagement, participation and objectives. Number of participants can be from three and up to sixty persons.

1. The service consists of:

a) Clarification of the scope, focus and expected results.
b) Prepare the workshop.
c) Conduct / facilitate the workshop.
d) Follow-up / documentation.

a) Clarification of the scope, focus and expected result
The workshop leader has a meeting with the client to clarify the scope of the workshop and establish a common understanding of what is to be delivered. This includes objectives, expected results, theme, participants / stakeholders and techniques.

b) Prepare the workshop
This includes: Acquire knowledge of the problem, create agendas, call for meetings / other information to participants, plan the work process with emphasis on involvement and participation in the workshop, make sure materials and suitable premises are available.

c) Conduct / facilitate the workshop
Ensure conditions for goal achievement. Make sure everyone is being heard and that all contributions are documented. Finally, prevent derailments to occur.

d) Follow-up / documentation
Summary of the workshop, and send out a summary to participants. Deliver agreed results to the commissioning party, and possibly provide advice on further work.

2. The customer's obligations / responsibilities

  • Determine who should participate in the workshop.
  • Communicate to the participants the goal of the workshop, who should get the results and how it should be used.

The client is responsible for any costs relating to premises, catering, etc.

3. Costs

The service is charged according to elapsed time at current rates.

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