We calculate your weather forecast!

We calculate your weather forecast!

Yes, that's right. The IT Division contributes to the weather forecasts at yr.no. We call this scientific data processing.

NTNU has an enormous computer that works extremely fast. We call it "Vilje" (willpower). Here is a picture of it.

Server room

As you can see, it is a bit bigger than the average home computer.

But it is not all about the weather...

Even though weather forecasts are important to us, we use this monster machine for more than weather. NTNU is a part of the NOTUR project –  the Norwegian Metacentre for Computational Science. NOTUR says about its own project:

The Notur project fulfils a pronounced and sustainable vision for a Norwegian infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC) and computational science. The vision of the project is to provide a modern, national HPC infrastructure in an international and competitive setting, and stimulate computational science as the third scientific path.

In addition to this, NTNU locally has a share of the rights to use the super computer. This enables NTNU students to get access without applying to The Research Council of Norway. Instead, they can be granted access from lecturers and supervisors.