We arrange two PhD-courses, ELF( KLMED8001), and Mini-ELF (MDV6002) - Research Methods in Psychiatry.

ELF is a 2 year course, and at the end the students submit a scientific paper as their exam. Mini-ELF is a 1 year course where the students submit their research protocol as their exam.

In both courses, all students participate with their own clinical research projects which are being discussed throughout the course.

We have arranged Mini-ELF in Trondheim, Ålesund, Molde, Levanger, and in cooperation with Drug and Alcohol Treatment Health Trust in Central Norway, Trondheim, Norway.

We also arrange a "Bruker-ELF" ("Patient-ELF) course where the participants are psychiatric patients from patient organizations.

KLMED8001 - Research Training in Psychiatry

KLMED8001 is AFFU's education programme for researchers. The aim of the course is to teach and facilitate research through the basic components in the research process from problem formulation, design and method, to preparation of a manuscript for publication. We recommend that the student already participates in a research project under supervision, and preferably aim at further research through admitting a PhD program.

The Mini-ELF research course

Mini-ELF (the small elementary research course) addresses clinicians who want to do research in their clinical position. The course is suitable for all who have some clinical experience and at least a three-year college-based background. No scientific or statistical experience is assumed.