The lab uses processed data from its collaborating partners (Telenor, Equinor, DNB, DNV GL, and Kongsberg) and other research partners, as well as data accessed from publicly available datasets. Access to proprietary data is restricted to the users of the lab (i.e., academic staff, students and researchers).

The lab organizes high-level AI seminars and other AI related events, such as hackathons and meetups. Its facilities also serve as workspace for master students and demo-space during visits to NTNU by large groups.

In order for students to build on each other’s work, we put special emphasis on creating systems for sharing code repositories and ideas. The lab is equipped with state-of-the art hardware and software, as well as cloud infrastructures, which makes the facilities prepared for a rapidly changing ICT landscape, enabling both lab-scale and large-scale research.



In order to further imrove AI education and research at NTNU, and thus contribute to the development of AI in greater society, we focus on the following objectives:

  1. Generating more resources for research, teaching and supervision at NTNU to accommodate the high increase in interest in machine learning and AI.
  2. Gaining access to better and real datasets in order to improve the work of professors and students.
  3. Providing input on how to solve real-life operational challenges of companies by using Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.
  4. Increasing the visibility of excellent research and development of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in order to attract talents from both Norway and abroad, with a final objective of generating new Norwegian workplaces.