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NTNU Alumni has great activity in the network with over 50 events around the world annually.

The events give you opportunities for closer cooperation with NTNU's academic communities, networking and professional refills.

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNUNTNU's alumni regional network conference

NTNU's network conference is an annual joint arena for discussion and collaboration between NTNU's academic communities, industry and other social actors. The goal is to strengthen the collaboration between NTNU and the Norwegian labor and business sector in education, research and innovation.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to share experiences and discuss common challenges. How, for example, should Norway's largest university be used as a conversion engine for Norwegian labor and business?

The target group is primarily NTNU's alumni across the entire Norwegian labor and business sector. Other partners are also invited together with political and administrative authorities.

The conference takes place between our study cities Trondheim, Gjøvik (Oslo) and Ålesund.

Next network conference: 2020 in Oslo. More information comes.

Previous Network Conferences:
Network conference in Oslo, 11 April 2018.
Network conference in Ålesund, December 1, 2017.
Network conference in Trøndelag, November 9, 2016.
Network conference in Gjøvik, April 27, 2016.
Network conference in Ålesund, November 11, 2015.

European conference

NTNU's European Conference brings together more than 300 actors in Brussels every year. In line with Norway's R&D strategy, NTNU wants to share its expertise and contribute to an even greater degree to European education and research. The aim of the conference is to establish and strengthen dialogue and cooperation between academia, research, business and decision-makers. The conference also aims to strengthen cooperation between NTNU and alumni in European working life.

Next conference: October 10, 2019.

Former European Conferences:
European Conference in Brussels, 26 November 2018.
European Conference in Brussels, 8 November 2017.
Network conference in Brussels, October 3, 2016.

Network Events

Network Events

NTNU Alumni Career Fair

NTNU Alumni Career Fair is a meeting place for NTNU's PhD and postdoctoral candidates as well as actors from private and public organizations and companies. The aim is to create an understanding of the competence and added value that a PhD and postdoctoral candidate can offer. At the same time, competence needs are presented from work and business. The conference gives the opportunity to develop strategies for increasing the use of phd / postdoc expertise in business and industry, in small and medium-sized enterprises and in the public sector.

Next network conference: June 2020. More information comes.

Previous career fairs: 
NTNU Alumni Phd conference 2017

Breakfast Meetings

NTNU Alumni organizes breakfast meetings in collaboration with our academic communities, business associations and NTNU Continuing education. These are mini-seminars with a focus on knowledge sharing and knowledge development in academia and industry.

Next breakfast meeting: Autumn 2019. More information comes.

Alumni Meet

NTNU Alumni's network groups regularly organize social and professional collections for alumni.

Alumni meetings are held regularly. Keep track of the calendar or receive an invitation from NTNU Alumni or your local network.

Alumni Events


In connection with NTNU's delegation trips, NTNU Alumni organizes receptions, often in cooperation with Norway's embassies and Innovation Norway. We also invite to meet when we receive visits from foreign partners and alumni at NTNU. In this way we connect our academic communities and partners closer together.

Reception is arranged regularly. Keep track of the calendar or receive an invitation from NTNU Alumni or your local network.

NTNU Alumni Annual Summit

NTNU Alumni Annual Summit is an annual seminar at NTNU for the management of our international alumni networks. The goal is development, networking and exchange of experience among the networks. It is also an objective to link the international networks closer to our academic environments.

NTNU Alumni European Forum

NTNU Alumni European forum is an annual forum for development, networking and exchange of experience between our European alumni networks.

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