NTNU Alumni Brazil


The mandate of NTNU Alumni Brazil is to link NTNU with business and society in Brazil in order to enhance cooperation and contribute to NTNU’s vision “Knowledge for a better world”.

Provisional objectives:

  • Serve as NTNU ambassadors and strengthen the university’s international visibility and reputation, particularly in Brazil. 
  • Advise on trends and developments outside Norway, and particularly in Brazil, so that NTNU’s curriculum and programmes of study can respond to the changing nature of global practice and changing trends in public and private sectors.
  • Advise on ways NTNU can enhance its connections with alumni abroad and contribute to the creation of a sustainable, organized and active global NTNU alumni network.
  • Assist in identifying potential partners and opportunities for NTNU in Brazil– for collaboration on international programmes.
  • Contribute to strengthening access to international internships for NTNU students in Brazilian businesses and organizations.
  • Co-organize and host a variety of events.
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Board members

Contact alumni@ntnu.no if you wish to receive more information about the establishment of NTNU Alumni Brazil.