The NTNU Alumni PhD Conference

The added value of a PhD – for all sectors of working life

Time: Trondheim 30 March 08:00–15:45 (Networking 15:45–17:00)

Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Kjøpmannsgata 73 

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Main goal:

  • Raise awareness of the added value of a doctoral degree in all sectors of working life.
  • Help to boost recruitment of PhDs in the job market through increased insight into the added value of a doctoral degree.
  • Strengthen the reputation of our PhDs as highly relevant to society.
  • Increase PhDs’ awareness of their own skills, what they can bring to the workplace and the challenges they can help solve.
  • Help PhDs improve their ability to market their expertise and the advantage of a doctoral degree over a first degree.

Intended audience:

  • NTNU employees, PhD candidates, supervisors and alumni, employees from all sectors and other interested stakeholders.


  • The conference is organized by NTNU Alumni in partnership with DION.

    NTNU provides research expertise that is vital to growth, development and innovation in businesses, industry and public administration. This expertise is also essential when the global community is to act on challenges related to climate, food production, migration, health and education.

    In line with Norwegian policy on research, education and innovation, NTNU wants to educate even more PhD graduates who will be able to take on important functions and positions in public and privatesector enterprises. 

    For this reason, NTNU wants to strengthen its dialogue with the working world and the business community and to increase understanding of the benefits of PhD skills. 

    The conference is an opportunity to raise awareness of the added value of a doctoral degree in all sectors of working life and to develop strategies that increase the use of PhD expertise in business and industry, in small and medium-sized enterprises and in the public sector.