About Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics at NTNU

Bioinformatics is an important strategic area at NTNU and can be characterized as an interdisciplinary study using informatics to explore biological issues. Novel technology has given us high capacity analysis of genes and proteins which makes it necessary to integrate informatics when solving biological problems due to the enormous amounts of information that is generated.

Bioinformatics at NTNU is interdisciplinary as the Anformatics part of bioinformatics is part of the informatic groups at the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) including both statisticians from IME and chemometrics specialists from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT). The biological discipline is based in the biological groups at the NT Faculty and the medical groups at Faculty of Medicine (DMF).


There are a total of about 50 graduate students, post docs and members of the scientific staff that are involved at bioinformatics activities at NTNU. About 20 of these are actively doing research directly coupled to bioinformatics.



Programme for bioinformatics - contact information

Office adress:
 Erling Skjalgsons gate 1
 Laboratoriesenteret, St. Olavs hospital

Phone: 725 73359

Contact person:

Jostein Johansen