Programme for bioinformatics


Programme for bioinformatics

The Programme for Bioinformatics (PBI) is based on interdisciplinary cooperation between research groups in medicine, biology, and informatics at NTNU. PBI is associated with the strategic areas at NTNU: MedTek and ICT.

PBI is important in order to exchange information between the special fields working on bioinformatics. The comitee of PBI have members from the Faculty of Medicine (DMF), the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT), and the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) at NTNU. In addition, there is a coordinator of the programme at the NT-faculty.

Members of Programme for Bioinformatics at NTNU:
Programme Head:


  • Pål Sætrom (Department of Computer and Information Science, IME)


Coordinator for Programme for bioinformatics:


The Mandate PBI-comittee (in norwegian) can be found here (in norwegian).

Notes and minutes of meetings in the programme committee can be found here (in Norwegian).

Strategic Plan for 2009-2013 and Action Plan for 2010 can be found here.

Action plan for 2012 (in Norwegian).



NTNU Bioinformatics Network Seminar 2015

Programme for bioinformatics - contact information

Programme for bioinformatics - contact information

Office adress:
 Erling Skjalgsons gate 1
 Laboratoriesenteret, St. Olavs hospital

Phone: 725 73359

Contact person:

Jostein Johansen