General information

We expect all of our students to gain knowledge of the degree programmes by searching our webpages ( It is also expected that the students keep themselves updated via NTNU's Innsida, and last but not least, students are expected to check their e-mail. Via the web-based e-learning platform, Blackboard, you will receive information about the courses you take, and these pages should be checked frequently.

Student ID card
The student ID card serves as an admission card and a library card. It is only valid with a current semester card. To get your Student ID card, follow the instructions below.

  1. Pick up your invoice for the semester fee at the Student Service Office. All international masters' students must pay the semester fee, even those not following any courses.
  2. Pay the semester fee at a post office or bank. Make sure that you keep your receipt. Within approximately one week, your semester card will be sent to your address in Trondheim.

Computer access
Go to the «Orakel» service (Computer help desk) and get a username and password. You will need to show your student card and an official ID document, such as passport or a driver's license.
Once the semester fee is paid, you will receive a letter in the post, containing a pin code. You need the code to gain access to the NTNU computer network. More about how to activate a user account.

More information on IT support for students

Registration / Confirmation of plan of education
In order to gain access to classes, exams, Blackboard, the NTNU network, and to obtain a semester card and key card, you have to be registered for the semester. For this reason it is important that you register as soon as possible! If you have been accepted in a programme of 60 credits or more, you must confirm a plan of education:

  1. Enter NTNU's Student web (
  2. Log on to Student Web by using your username and password. By pushing the button "logon using username and password" you enter a page that is common to all higher education in Norway, it is important that you choose NTNU as your organization.
  3. Once at the «start page» you can choose to see the page in English by changing where it says «Tekst». The default text is «Bokmål».
  4. More information on Student web

Under the menu you find Registration, here you can see your plan of education. You have to confirm your «Plan of education I» before you can do anything else (enter Plan of Education I and confirm). Under «Plan of Education II» you can see a detailed list of your entire study. In order to be registered as a student you have to confirm your plan of education in the beginning of every term! You can also add any other subjects you want to take.
On confirming your plan, you may be requested to give further details concerning classes or exams (e.g. if it is oral or written). Even though you are registered as a master's student, you must register for the courses you plan to take!